Split DC charger


  • Dynamic power allocation

    Adopting a ring distribution system of power, and adjusting output power according to specific charging needs of electric vehicles

  • Reliable communication

    Supporting two communication operators to improve communication stability and ensure real-time facility communication

  • Reliable 

    Reliable intelligent straight ventilation pipes, featuring the ability to work in any harsh environment, low failure rate and extended service life

  • Efficient operation

    Using efficient charging modules, with the maximum efficiency up to 96%, to reduce operating loss 

  • Safe

    Imposing 20+ measures throughout the charging process to ensure safer and easier charging

  • Intelligent diagnosis

    Controlling facility operation on the monitoring platform and making remote diagnosis of facility faults

Large output power: the maximum output power of the main cabinet is 480kW; the maximum output current of the charging gun is 250A; up to 12 DC charging guns work at the same time. The output power can be dynamically adjusted according to specific electric vehicle needs; the output voltage ranges from 200V to 1000V; the high-voltage constant power output improves charging efficiency, betters compatibility with electric vehicles, and increases revenue from charging.

Serial number:   MQC9000

Output power:   360/480kW

Output voltage:    DC200-1000V

Method to start a charge:   APP or credit card (optional) 

Number of charging guns:   max. 12

Degree of protection:   IP54

Working temperature:   -20℃~+50℃

Main market applications
Centralized charging stations in cities, public charging stations in cities, charging stations for special vehicles (bus, delivery vehicle, taxi, etc.), parking lots in industrial parks, parking lots in commercial centers, expressway service areas, and parking lots in tourist attractions