Ultra-fast DC charger


  • Liquid-cooled charging cable

    The charging cable is thin and soft, light in weight, and flexible in operation; the integrated liquid-cooled cable is safe and reliable, thanks to its strong sealing performance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and good heat dissipation performance; the cable is suspended, so as to avoid from being dragged, crushed, or bent

  • Automatic power distribution

    The liquid-cooled single gun can reach 480kW/600kW, and the ordinary single gun can reach 180kW; give priority to models requiring ultra-fast charging, and make fair distribution of power among ordinary models by following the first-come-first-served principle 

  • Reliable communication

    Supporting two communication operators to improve communication stability and ensure real-time facility communication

  • Efficient operation

    Using efficient charging modules, with the maximum efficiency up to 96%, to reduce operating loss 

  • Safe

    Imposing 20+ measures throughout the charging process to ensure safer and easier charging

  • Intelligent diagnosis

    Controlling facility operation on the monitoring platform and making remote diagnosis of facility faults 

Wancheng Wanchong 480/720kW ultra-fast DC charger is specially designed for electric vehicles requiring ultra-fast charging. The ultra-fast DC charger is an organic whole of such functions as APP-based charging, human-computer interaction, charging control, metering and billing, payment, remote communication, liquid-cooled charging connection, and safety protection. This series of products supports multi-gun output, automatic distribution of output power, and supply of direct current. They are applicable in OEM fast charging stations, public fast charging stations in cities, highway charging stations, and charging stations for special vehicles

Device serial number:  MQC9000C

Total power:   480/720kW

DC output voltage range:  DC200-1000V

Charging mode:  APP/RFID (optional)

Number of charging guns(480kW):   1 Liquid-cooled connector+11 other connectors

Number of charging guns(720kW):   1 Liquid-cooled connector+15 other connectors

Efficiency:   ≥93%

IP grade:   IP54

Operating ambient temperature:   -20℃~+50℃

Main market applications
Public parking lots in cities
and surrounding areas,
electric buses,
supporting charging stations
for delivery vehicles,
and fast charging stations
in commercial centers